BlueFlow hot runner nozzle type SHF / DHF

Order code

Example: BlueFlow® Single nozzle type 5SHF80

5 Material tube Ø 4,8 mm
SHF Open nozzle with tip, with thickfilm heater and connected with the manifold
80 Length (L) 80 mm

Please indicate material type, article, part weight, kind of gating, gate-Ø and machine nozzle radius/ angle in your order.


Used as a single nozzle

Hot runner nozzle type _HF can be used as a single nozzles in combination with heated adaptors AHJ. Hot runner nozzles can be screwed to the manifold as follows:


From above/clamping plate
2 screws M4 (pitch circle Ø 32 mm)
From the front/parting line
2 screws M5 in the recesses R3 (pitch circle Ø 34 mm)


W Flattened on nozzle head
130 Recess for the power and thermo connection



The BlueFlow ® hot runner nozzle type SHF/ DHF is not for sale or use in the U.S. and Canada!


Data sheets - BlueFlow® hot runner nozzle type SMF /-DMF

Here is where you will find relevant information about the BlueFlow® hot runner nozzle type SHF/-DHF as a PDF file.

Modular structure Download
System structure Download
Technical data Download
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