Günther‘s innovative BlueFlow® hot runner nozzle significantly increases productivity.

The BlueFlow® hot runner nozzle provides for high productivity and cost-effectiveness. That‘s why new molds should be fitted with the new nozzle system right from the beginning. However, it is also worth retrofitting existing injection molding tools with the new nozzle systems.

An example of productivity: microfilter (Automotive sector)

Average filled cavities of the 8-drop system
Good parts GÜNTHER / Good parts system before = 1,45
» 45% higher productivity

A good

The investment for the BlueFlow® hot runner nozzle is amortized in next to no time. The energy savings alone easily cover the slightly higher initial investment within two years. Considering all the saving effects like lower energy consumption, reduced cycle times and lower scrap rate, the BlueFlow® technology pays off even more quickly.

Small size, big performance

The BlueFlow® hot runner nozzle is slimmer than conventional nozzles. Smaller, more economical and less expensive injection molding machines can be used. Additionally, since the smaller size will allow for more cavities in the mold, it will be possible to produce more parts per batch.

Cost-saving technology

The BlueFlow® hot runner nozzle‘s precise and homogeneous temperature distribution is easy on the material and increases the stability of the process. Together with the minimal initiation time, this greatly reduces the total scrap rate. Consequently, the manufacturing costs are minimized.

More output due to shorter cycle times

The quick thermal response and the stable temperature control of the BlueFlow® hot runner nozzle reduce the manufacturing cycle time. The average melt temperature decreases, the injection molding process can be carried out more quickly, and the efficiency increases.