Günther‘s innovative BlueFlow® hot runner nozzle results in molded parts of outstanding quality.

The BlueFlow® hot runner nozzle sets new standards for quality and design of parts made of thermally sensitive plastics. This results in better or even completely new application possibilities, depending on the application area in different sectors of industry.

Example: microfilter (automotive sector)

Microfilter (outlet valve for an automotive application), injection-molded in one process step from unreinforced PA66. This method has replaced the earlier procedure of insert-molding of an available metal or plastic mesh to obtain a ready-to-install component. The resulting savings are dramatic: costs have decreased by 60-80%, depending on the product.
Details: thread size 0.13; 1,848 gaps with 0.07 x 0.07 mm. Passage surface approx. 9 mm². Max. allowed flash is 4.5 μm.

is better

The BlueFlow® hot runner nozzle is particularly slim with a very small diameter. This allows for greater flexibility in the layout of temperature control in injection molds, which results in a higher quality of parts. Additionally, the small installation size allows more freedom in part design for direct gating and requires less space in the mold.

Manufacturing at the right temperature

The thick film heater makes it possible to adjust the heating capacity to the exact power requirement in each single section over the entire nozzle length in order to reach a homogenous temperature. The plastic material in the material tube is hardly exposed to thermal stress, which means that the physical properties of the end product are obtainable even with thermally sensitive plastics and very small parts. Parts weighing less than 0.02 g have been successfully manufactured by indirect gating.

zero to sixty

The BlueFlow® hot runner nozzle’s impressively rapid thermal response is due to its compact design. Its small dimensions require a quick controller capable of regulating the temperature within a very narrow range, e.g. our DPT type controller. The nozzles can be operated without a "soft start" because their construction makes them non-hygroscopic.